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Guide 1und1 Control To Easy Manage Domain

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1and1 Hosting coupon

1&1 is a major domain name service provider in the world but due to its new open market in Southeast Asia it is not popular yet. In this article, I will guide you how to manage the domain is registered at 1&1.

Control Manage at 1and1

I. Basic configuration for the domain name:

In the Domain Center overview as shown above, click the Edit Domain Settings link to the domain name you want to manage. The next page layout, Domain Settings will appear as follows:

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MyDomain Domain Registar Reviews

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MyDomain, Dotster, Netfirms and are subsidiaries of the EIG Group, so they have a same interface of domain name registration, domain name management. Promotions usually occur at the same time, they don’t have specific time for their promotions so registration should be very fast and accurate.

Mydomain Offical Website VPSPromoCodes

Of the four domain registar, has the lowest renewal price of $ 11.49, MyDomain is the second lowest at $11.99.

Domain registration at MyDomain is very easy, but if it’s the first time you sign up here, you’ll an error message and rejected. Don’t worry, just follow the registration steps and how to fix the problems in this post is to register the domain.

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How to choose a Quality Web Hosting for website

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Depending on your needs of use, source code, traffic, sources of access … To be able to choose the best quality hosting for your website.

Web hosting for website

Web hosting for website

1. Webspace:

This is a important element of a hosting plans. Webspace like a folder on your computer’s hard drive, if you rent this large space, it will contain a lot of information, data, images, video clips of the Website.

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