Upto 35% discount for VDS Dedicated Servers

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Select & use the most effective VirMach.com promo code before the Discount ends to save. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t test them out before you pay. Promotion may be up to 35% discount for VDS Dedicated server package

Servers NameCPUProcessorRAMDiskDeliveryBWAnti-DDoSIPMICOUPON
E3-HDLE3-1240/1270v1,2,3+4c/8t, 3.3GHz+16GB1x 1TB HDD48 Hours10TB/1Gbps2GbpsFree1
E3-SDE3-1240v2/E3-1270+4c/8t, 3.4GHz+32GB2x 120GB SSD48 Hours10TB/1Gbps5GbpsFree5
E3-HDE3-1240v2/E3-1270+4c/8t, 3.4GHz+32GB2x 1TB HDD48 Hours10TB/1Gbps5GbpsFree2
E3-SD+E3-1240v2/E3-1270+4c/8t, 3.4GHz+32GB1x 240GB SSD48 Hours10TB/1Gbps5GbpsFree4
E3-HD+E3-1240v2/E3-1270+4c/8t, 3.4GHz+32GB1x 2TB HDD48 Hours10TB/1Gbps5GbpsFree3